Important Season Ticket Relocation Info

28 Apr

As of NOW, existing season ticket holders who have already renewed for next season can relocate their current seat to another area of the stadium. For those of you who are interested in doing this, you have until this coming Sunday (3rd May) to relocate. Full details can be found on the Club’s official site:

We draw your attention to this because it’s a great opportunity for those of you who are interested to come over and join Union FS in SK1. We know there are supporters all around the ground who want to be more proactive in helping to create a real atmosphere week in week out. Some of you have already been in contact with us. We also know that it is easier to get involved and support the team vocally in certain areas of the ground than others.

Over the course of the season, we feel that real progress has been made over in SK1. The number of people getting involved is on the rise, with a distinct improvement in the atmosphere across the Kop as a direct result. Much of this has come about due to groups of mates and individuals who took a leap of faith at the start of the season and moved over to SK1 with no real knowledge of how things would turn out.

While there’s still a great deal of work to be done, some major strides have been made this season and we are keen to make sure that as many people as possible get to enjoy match days the way we have been able to, with a good time, a chance to meet like-minded people, and a great atmosphere to boot. We strongly urge anyone who is thinking about it to make the move over to SK1 and help contribute to making next season one to remember. We’re confident that you won’t regret it.

There is relatively limited availability in and around the area at the top of SK1 where Union FS is based so we would advise those of you who are thinking about moving over to get sorted sooner rather than later. If you’d like specific information about which rows and seat numbers to aim for, please get in touch with us at

Union FS high def


Union FS: Minutes from FCC Meeting – April 2015

7 Apr

Please note that the following minutes are in no way ‘official’ , may be slightly disordered and a little bit thin in areas. That said, Union FS do believe that they do represent a fair reflection of the meeting.

Jamie Tabor (JT), LCFC Marketing boss, opened the second FCC meeting of 2014/15 and introduced the board of Directors present:

  • Jon Rudkin (Football Director)
  • Ian Flanagan (Commercial Director)
  • Simon Capper (Finance Director)
  • Susan Whelan (CEO)

JT also sent apologies including that of Alan Birchenall, who had led the tour of the ground, and Andrew Neville (Head of Football Operations). JT gave a brief run-down of the structure and agenda of the meeting.

SW thanked all for their attendance and gave a number of updates on topics not written into the agenda later on. These were as follows:

  • SW stated that the Club’s position on FFP has not changed – i.e. that they continue to believe that they met the conditions and were FFP compliant. The Football League continue to audit LCFC’s submission and will not comment at this stage.
  • In response to a pre-meeting tabled question from Alan Digby of the Foxes Trust, SW stated that the position with the media remains as open as ever (the players have even requested additional media coverage in the past few weeks) with the exception of one post-match feature on BBC Radio Leicester. SW said that as the BBC had declined to make comment it would not be right for her to expand on the matter. (It was later revisited by one or two attendees in the Any Other Business section, but was met with the same answer).
  • SW gave a quick update from last Thursday’s Premier League board meeting and confirmed the most important updates from the meeting (including the sharing of over £1bn from the new TV deal) had been well communicated by the media.
  • SW explained that plenty of questions were raised in respect of the usage of the Away Fans Fund Initiative pot of £200k. JT indicated that this would be covered later in the meeting but it was agreed that it made sense to continue. SW indicated that bigger sides in the PL were making it very difficult to offer reciprocal pricing deals (clear that some sides simply not interested when they know the seats can be sold to waiting home fans at £47 a go). As such, LCFC have struggled to strike deals of this nature beyond Swansea in October. That said, Sunderland away is now confirmed as a subsidised game. (£10 off for adults, £7 off for concessions). JT explained that the blue shirts distributed at Burnley away last season and Nottingham Forest the year before would also be present at some point before the end of the season. It was agreed by the majority of the attendees that WBA would be preferable (due to a bigger allocation). One attendee used this time to question why LCFC had only received 2,100 tickets for Burnley when all sides had been given all 4,000 in the David Fishwick Stand. It was explained that Burnley had met their obligation and were likely withholding the remainder in order to help the home side in avoiding relegation.

JT then introduced two presentations. The first was made by Mick King (a Director of the Community Trust) and the second made by Stuart Johncock, who is redesigning the strategy on supporter engagement.

  • MK began his presentation by thanking the Club and the FCC for the invitation and stated that LCFC had been incredibly helpful since he started in the role two years ago. MK believes that the support of LCFC has turned a ‘failing’ programme into a thriving one. MK explained that the Community Trust strategy was threefold: Education, Sports Participation and Community Cohesion. These strands have delivered over 4,500 sessions with almost 15,000 different participants and the numbers are ever growing.
  • One attendee asked whether they could link up with Leicester Tigers to do more in the County (recognising that many out near Bosworth and Hinckley prefer an oval ball). SW explained that they have tried in the past but it tends to become ‘unwieldy’ in terms of management. SW confirmed that when it comes to community schemes she is a big believer in participation in sport ‘whatever shape the ball’. JR explained how the trust schemes had helped him with finding and developing elite players but his children had also been beneficiaries of the scheme, and loved them.
  • SJ introduced himself and explained he had only been in post on supporter engagement for a month but had been with the Club for 5 years. His presentation outlined the aims of the strategy, which is still ongoing in its development. SJ made it clear how vital supporter feedback is and confirmed there would be more opportunities for fans to feedback on a wide range of issues going forward, including Fox Travel. There has been one survey conducted on Fox Travel regarding its use and what could be improved. This will be repeated on the coaches to WBA. Cliff Ginetta, Chairman of the LCFC Supporters’ Club, stated it might be more useful to question those who travel by other means as to why they are not using Fox Travel and this was widely agreed by the Club and should be actioned.
  • Improving the matchday experience for all fans was discussed and SJ outlined a number of examples of where they were developing in this regard, including the ‘Here to Help’ people who have been introduced this season. SW confirmed the number and visibility of those helpers would double before the end of the season as they had been well received. SJ and JT confirmed that ‘LCFC Fanzone’ would be rebranded ‘LCFC Help’ and this has already begun with the Twitter hashtag.

JT thanked MK and SJ for their questions and introduced the discussion points which had been tabled prior to the meeting. These fit in to four areas:

  • 2015/16 Season ticketing
  • Matchday atmosphere
  • Away fan initiative (already covered above)
  • Away allocations and the Priority scheme

2015/16 Season Ticketing

  • JT invited feedback from the committee on all aspects of the season ticketing announcement including marketing and renewals process. One committee member expressed how pleased he was about the direct debit automatic renewal introduction. JT confirmed that this was something the Club had been working on for a number of years and were pleased to hear that feedback. IF confirmed 45% of season ticket holders are on the direct debit scheme.
  • Andy Gubbins, secretary of the Disabled Supporters’ Association (DSA) stated how disappointed he was that the disabled supporters had ‘effectively been excluded’ from the season ticket brochure. SW and JT explained that the reason for this was because the current publication shows information on renewals only, and that the Club are in direct contact with the DSA regarding renewals for all disabled season ticket holders. It was noted that disabled season ticket holders (current or prospective) must be members of the DSA. AG accepted this but explained that he would have preferred still to be mentioned in order to publicise the group. This was acknowledged by LCFC.
  • One member, a season ticket holder in the Fosse Club, requested that LCFC reconsider introducing concessions for the Fosse Club should LCFC be relegated as he had previously accepted the removal of concessions on the basis that this was standard Premier League practice. This request was noted by SW. The same member also commented that season ticket holders should not be left out from deals put on, and cited instances where people invited into the Keith Weller Lounge (as a birthday gift from LCFC, for instance) had had to sit on the floor as it was so crowded. SW accepted that this was not right, given the premium paid, and this practice would be reviewed. Another committee member requested that the same approach be taken in considering regular season ticket holders when putting on deals (including ‘pie and a pint’). SC confirmed that LCFC do think of the season ticket holders when implementing these deals, and SW said that they ensure that at no point are STHs effectively punished for having a season ticket.

Matchday Atmosphere

  • JT opened up to the group, requesting feedback on how they thought the atmosphere had been at the KP Stadium. JT confirmed that since the last meeting, a second drum had been introduced in SK1 with Union FS and in his opinion it was greatly improving the atmosphere in both SK1 and across the South Stand.
  • SW thanked Union FS for their drive and passion so far and stressed that the Club are keen to support the group. SW also confirmed that the ‘Clap Banners’ had been ordered for the West Ham game.
  • UFS agreed that the atmosphere was heading in the right direction, specifically in SK1 and the South Stand. UFS thanked the Club for its general support, particularly Jim Donnelly and Kevin Barclay. UFS gave some background on the group for those on the committee not aware and explained that the group is growing, but slowly, and is hoping to attract many more fans to relocate next season. JT, JD and SJ all offered to help with the relocations and publicising of the group, both of which was greatly appreciated by UFS.

Away Fan Initiative

  • Covered earlier in the meeting. Please see above.

Away Allocations and Away Priority Scheme

  • JT opened by stating that initial and full allocations were now communicated on the official website for all games.
  • JT relayed that the feedback LCFC had received on the away priority scheme was that it was a good idea but people would like the choice of which area to have their seat allocated to where there is a pricing differential. JT explained that the initial idea was to give the most loyal fans the best seats but recognised that often these fans did not want to pay the higher of two price bands. JD explained that scheme members would be able to elect which pricing tier there would prefer next season, but this is a work in progress.
  • Several members expressed that being able to pick your own seat online was a great innovation for a number of reasons including being able to locate themselves near friends and sensibly choosing a particular area with the knowledge that higher up areas are more likely to stand.
  • One member questioned whether the points system would remain the same for next season and whether the away priority scheme would be ‘invite only’ as per 2014/15. JT confirmed that the points system would depend on what league we are in and similarly the priority system entry requirements would depend on its popularity. JT also confirmed that dependent on renewals to the scheme, new individuals could apply but those renewing scheme membership would of course have priority.

Following the discussions on points raised prior to the meeting by committee members, JT opened the floor for any other business:

Any Other Business

  • UFS raised a put forward a question regarding a potential car share scheme for Leicestershire (and beyond) satellite towns and villages where there is a presence of LCFC fans going to home games, in a bid to promote unity within fans and relieve some pressure on the car parking issue within the city on matchdays. JT, SW and SC agreed this was a good idea and that they had looked into schemes such as this before. JT also explained the legal risk of LCFC introducing fans should anything untoward happen between fans on a relevant journey. LCFC’s view is very much that the onus is on fans to set up a car share scheme, but did note that the Club could help promote various routes if necessary.
  • At this point, SC explained that there was an opportunity to break free from the Football League Interactive contract when it runs out in 2017 and the Club would be exploring the possibility of owning their own website ahead of the contract cessation. Having their own website, SC explained, would enable LCFC to ‘digitally map’ car parking throughout the city to ensure parking spaces are utilised effectively.
  • UFS asked whether anything further had come of the Leicester Mercury’s reports that the LCFC were ‘in a bid to sell hot food outside’. SC explained that this was a misunderstanding: LCFC had applied for a street hawkers’ license on behalf of the vendors already stationed outside the stadium and the Leicester Mercury had misinterpreted this information. UFS explained that the reason for asking was to enquire whether it would be possible to sell alcohol outside the stadium. UFS asked whether a tent could be set up in the car park behind the South Stand to house and seat fans, to sell food and drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). SW and JT were positive in their response and noted there should be no reason why it could not be looked into. Feedback across the committee was positive and SW asked whether it should be ‘adult-focused’ to which the response, in the main, was that it did not need to be – it should accommodate all.
  • AG questioned whether the Club could do more to procure more away tickets for its disabled fans as currently some allocations did not even cover those on the away priority scheme. AG indicated that facilities for disabled away fans across the Premier League were very poor. SW explained that she was not personally aware of this. UFS and AG asked SW to raise this matter at the next Premier League Shareholders’ Meeting as the disdain shown for disabled fans was a ‘national disgrace’. Several committee members noted that it seemed ludicrous that clubs such as LCFC were forced to upgrade facilities for media but nothing is imposed on any club to provide adequate facilities for disabled fans. It was noted by UFS and AD that LCFC led the way in this regard, which is testament to the Club.
  • One committee member raised that we should play in white shorts next season. It was explained by IF that we have to have blue shorts in case of a kit clash but recognised we do play in blue and white. JT confirmed that the deal with Puma was renewed and there were 3 years remaining on the contract.
  • It was asked whether the Club had decided on the colour for the away kit next season, and whether it would be red. IF explained that the red kit of 2014/15 was intended to be ‘limited edition’ (and acknowledged the embarrassing renege on this as they ordered more stock earlier in the campaign) and so it was very unlikely to be red next season. It was noted that only a few very small and very large sizes of the red kit remain – otherwise sold out.
  • The next meeting was provisionally set for Wednesday 26 May 2015.
  • CG had the final words of the meeting minuted in thanking LCFC for their tributes to Terry Orton.


Minutes from Union FS’ meeting on Saturday 14th March 2015

30 Mar

Before the game against Hull on Saturday 14th March 2015, Union FS members met at the Swan & Rushes pub to discuss the season so far and make plans for the future. The following is a brief summary of the key points from that discussion.

Attendance: approximately 20

UFS = Union FS

• Ups and downs of SK1: A season review
• Election of representatives to attend meetings with LCFC
• Plans for the future: Ideas for how to expand
• New sticker/flag designs & displays
• New website

UFS opened the meeting, thanked those present for giving up their time to come along and laid out the agenda.

UFS reported back from the FSF meeting in Birmingham on Thursday 12th March, which 4 members attended and also encouraged all members who would be available to attend the FSF’s Share TV Wealth demonstration in London on Thursday 26th March.

UFS updated those present on the morning’s events. A number of members had already been to the ground to set up the drum and flags and distribute bags of blue and white confetti to be thrown as the players came out of the tunnel. UFS had also planned to display a ‘Legalise Safe Standing’ banner as the players came out of the tunnel but, on Friday, the Club had declined the group permission for this. However, on Saturday morning, LCFC’s Operations Director met group members and allowed photos to be taken of the banner on the pitch and in front of SK1. The group were also given permission to display the banner outside the ground before kick off; an offer which was taken up.

Ups and downs of SK1: A season review
UFS stated that good progress had been made since the start of the season in terms of numbers involved in the group, atmosphere in and around SK1, and as regards the group’s relationship with the Club.

UFS pointed to the fact that home games had become a real occasion for many of those involved in the group, with regular pre and post match meets in the pub on match days. It was stressed that all are welcome.

UFS also pointed to the good core of vocal support that has been established in SK1, with numbers of vocal fans in the block noticeably higher than in previous seasons.

UFS mentioned the growing number of flags displayed at the back of the stand and the increasing demand for stickers. It was recognised as positive that the group has been able to add more colour to SK1 and members have been proactive about thinking up original flag and sticker designs.

UFS stated how the relationship with the Club has continued to develop to the point that members are now in regular contact with the Club’s Supporter Liaison Officer; the group has been able to obtain a small drum for the back of SK1; a member of the group has a place on the Fans Consultative Committee for 2014/15; discussions have taken place with the Club’s Safety Officer with a view to setting up regular meetings; and the Club has allowed the group to plan and carry out a small confetti display at the Hull game.

A couple of members mentioned that friends have spoken to them about plans to relocate to SK1 for next season, while those already based in SK1 reaffirmed their intention to stay in the block and build upon what has been achieved this year.

Several members expressed concerns about the number of supporters in and around SK1 who do not wish to get involved and the impact this could have on the group’s ability to grow. UFS agreed that this is concerning but that, due to promotion to the Premier League and the subsequent high attendances, it has had little power to attract new supporters on a match by match basis as the space has not been available in SK1.

It was agreed unanimously that, should we be relegated back to the Championship, the anticipated drop in attendances should give the group more scope to expand next season.

Election of representatives to attend meetings with LCFC
Members were asked to raise a hand if they wished to volunteer to attend meetings with the Club to discuss topics such as atmosphere and plans for the group.

Due to the number of members who expressed an interest, it was decided by all present that representatives will be selected on a meeting by meeting basis. Selection will be based on practicality, for example, which members are available on the dates and times that meetings are set.

Plans for the future – Ideas for how to expand
UFS led a discussion on how to raise awareness of the group and reach more people. A number of suggestions were made by members, including distributing leaflets containing information about the group on match days; looking into the possibility of having a small stall/stand outside the ground on match days to provide information about the group; contacting the Club with a view to getting a page about the group in a match day programme; and being more proactive on social media to approach supporters who may be interested in the group.

It was agreed that the idea of distributing leaflets should be followed up although several details will need further discussion. These include deciding which area of the ground to target (SK1, the back of the Kop or handing them out outside the ground), cost, what information to include and what format the leaflets should take.

The idea of an information stand outside the ground on match days had a mixed reception. If this is to be followed up, there will need to be further discussion about where the stand should go, and permission would need to be granted by the Club.

The idea of contacting the Club to try and get a page in an edition of the match day programme to explain what the group is about was received well and the group was in agreement that this should be pursued at some stage.

It was agreed that, although the group already has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Twitter, more needs to be done to use this type of media to its full potential. It was agreed that group members need to do more individually to promote the group by sharing content on Facebook and retweeting tweets from the group’s main account in order to gain more exposure. It was also decided that, while more effort should be made to engage with individuals on Twitter who may be interested in the group, a cautious approach should be taken in order to avoid becoming involved in pointless debates and the negative consequences of this.

UFS noted that flags and materials/equipment used by the group are currently funded by individual members on an ad hoc basis and asked for ideas to make this fairer and more sustainable.

After discussion, it was suggested that the group could introduce a scheme whereby members are asked to make voluntary donations. The donations could be as small/large as each member wished. The funds would go in to a central pot and would be used for group activities, merchandise and displays. It was proposed that, as ideas are put forward as to how to spend the funds, members would have voting rights based on the amount they had donated to the pot. For example, if new sticker designs were put forward, members would vote for their favourite designs, with those who had donated more funds getting a higher number of votes.

It was decided that this system could be workable, but the specifics such as deciding how large a donation counts for how many votes, would need to be decided at a later date if this is to be adopted.

New sticker/flag designs & displays
UFS stated that the current stock of stickers has almost sold out, with only a few batches remaining. It was announced that five new sticker deigns are almost complete and should be available to buy before the end of the season.

UFS informed members that the group would like to make stickers available to buy online, hopefully before the start of next season. Currently stickers can only be sold face to face, which limits sale to those who attend matches regularly and can involve quite a wait to get hold of them.

In order to make stickers available to buy online, the group will need to set up a PayPal and this will need looking after by one member as a bank account will need to be linked. One member was nominated, and accepted to oversee this and the group’s funds.

UFS noted that the specifics of this role would need further discussion before stickers would be available for sale online.

UFS said it was great to see the rising number of original flags at games and encouraged members to continue to add to the current flags with new designs at every opportunity.

UFS raised the topic of displays and several suggestions were made including a larger confetti display, displays formed by holding up pieces of card, and the use of streamers. After a short discussion, it was decided that the group should aim to organise a larger display before the end of the season. No final decision was made about the type of display, although it was agreed that the final home game of the season against QPR would be a good game to target.

New Website
UFS informed members that the domain name ‘’ had been purchased and the group plan to launch a new website in the near future. The exact date of the launch is not set in stone and will depend on the time members have available to get the site prepared and in working order. The intention of the new website is to be slicker and easier to use than the current WordPress site, and also make it easier for members to purchase stickers and other merchandise.

Meeting closed – cue a stampede to the bar…

Share TV Wealth demo: Thursday 26th March in London

23 Mar

The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) will lead a demonstration in London this Thursday, lobbying the Premier League to share its embarrassment of riches. Full details of the event can be found here.

The most recent Premier League TV deal is worth a staggering £5.14 billion! However, despite the money pouring in to English football, ticket prices for matches in the Premier League and Football League continue to rise. If distributed fairly, a sum of money such as that mentioned above could go a long way. The funds could be invested into English football at grassroots level, helping to improve infrastructure that budding players and coaches could benefit from for years to come. Crucially, the money could be used to help bring match ticket prices in the Premier League and Football League down to an acceptable level that doesn’t see entire sections of society priced out of attending games.

In a time when many people are fighting just to secure a living wage, it is perverse that football clubs in this country have been allowed to continue to squeeze more and more out of even their most loyal supporters. Fans who have been watching their team for years can no longer afford to attend, while many young people find themselves alienated before their love affair with football has even begun in earnest. Meanwhile, transfer fees, players’ wages and agents’ fees have skyrocketed as the money that comes in stays at the top level.

Make no mistake, the goals the FSF are working towards will benefit YOU. Campaigns such as Twenty’s Plenty and Share TV Wealth will benefit ALL football fans. Whether you are rich or poor, old or young, whether you prefer to stand or sit at matches, cheaper tickets are in YOUR interests as a football fan. With this in mind, we urge you, our fellow Leicester City fans, to do your bit to help yourselves and get down to London on Thursday to show the Premier League that things need to change. We appreciate that you may be working or have commitments already, but if you’re in London or at a loose end on Thursday, go and get involved.

As a group, we are fully behind this campaign and have already put our name to a letter that will be handed to representatives of every club present at the Premier League’s shareholders meeting on Thursday. The letter will also be signed by other FSF affiliates and associates in a show of solidarity to demonstrate the unity of supporters from clubs in the Premier League, Football League and beyond, on this issue.

Once again, please help show your support for the campaign as you will benefit ultimately.

Hull Home – Scavved by the Foxes

9 Mar

Over a month has passed since we walked away from our last home game against Palace, mulling over another missed opportunity. In this post, we take a look back at what’s happened on the pitch since then, preview the game against Hull, and remind you all about the details of our upcoming meeting.

After the Palace game, a trip to London beckoned to take on Arsenal. The three days between these two games proved enough to see our manager allegedly sacked and re-instated. Who knew what to expect at Arsenal? The result was yet another missed opportunity, albeit an unexpected one. Praise from both Arsene Wenger and Theo Walcott was scant consolation for another determined performance that, once again, failed to yield any points.

The FA Cup tie at Villa the following weekend provided some much-needed relief from the dogfight in the league and also a chance to put us within one game of Wembley. Confidence was high following the second-half performance at Arsenal. Throw Villa’s inability to score into the equation and the tie seemed there for the taking. In reality, it was another frustrating day at the office. The negativity and lack of desire shown that day was the tipping point for many of the 6,500-strong City contingent as we meekly surrendered our place in the Cup.

On to Everton and it’s safe to say expectations weren’t high after the damp squib at Villa Park. Against the odds, we came away with an important point, although it really should’ve been all three. The performance was enough to restore some hope among the doubters but our inability to see the game out cost us.

As if this wasn’t frustrating enough, the sight of the Everton fans celebrating their late equaliser was absolutely sickening as they may as well not have been there for the rest of the game. Aside from the frankly embarrassing chants of “we only sing when we’re winning” after their opener, they barely made a peep. A more apathetic bunch of ‘supporters’ I can’t remember witnessing. Smacked of turning up and waiting to be entertained. Massive shame as that fantastic ground deserves better.

This all brings us to last Wednesday’s clash with Man City. Ambitions for this game ranged from avoiding a spanking to looking for a smash-and-grab win, depending on who you asked. With adult tickets £44 a pop, we sincerely hoped that those who made the trip would avoid seeing a drubbing. As it happened, a familiar tale unfolded. A resilient performance for the most part was undermined by a couple of lapses in concentration at the back and an inability to take our own chances at the other end. No points.

This leaves us with an absolutely massive game against Hull this weekend. We really are in the last chance saloon now. Villa beating West Brom last week has left us seven points from safety, albeit with a game in hand. That game, however, is against Chelsea so let’s forget that for the moment and concentrate on getting those points on the board right away.

Fail to win against Hull and we’ll be staring relegation in the face as there’re only so many times the teams around us will let us off the hook. Fingers crossed we set up to attack. We’ve got some good attacking talent available, if we choose to use it. We’ve already beaten Hull away so we’ve nothing to fear, and the desperate need for all three points means we can’t afford to sit back!

As for the supporters, the message remains the same; get behind the lads from the first minute to the last! While we may have more cause to moan than most just at the moment, please, please, please leave that for the pub before/after the game. During those ninety minutes, our team will need us more than at any point in the season so far. Let’s do everything we can to roar them on to three points. Who knows what run of momentum that could start…

Finally, for those of you who aren’t already aware, we (Union FS) will be holding our next meeting at the Swan & Rushes pub at 11am on the day of the Hull game. All are welcome, men and women, old and young! If you’re a fan of singing up for the full ninety, come along and see what we’re about! If you’re planning to attend, or would like more info about the event or location, please drop us an email at If you don’t fancy the meeting but would like to join us for a pre-match drink, we’ll be in the pub until roughly 2pm when we plan to walk to the ground. Stickers will also be on sale throughout.

Union FS

Union FS – Early 2015 Meeting

1 Mar

Saturday 14 March (vs Hull City) at 11am

Venue: Swan and Rushes

It has been exactly a year since we had our ‘debut’ in SK1 vs Charlton. In this time, we have made significant strides in building a solid relationship with the Club, managed to procure a drum and been allowed to set up a display of flags at the back of each stand.

That said, progress has been fairly steady and ahead of what could be a disappointing end to the current season, preparations for next year should start now to take advantage of the opportunities relegation may bring for the group. Admittedly that’s putting one hell of a positive spin on things!

As such, we have agreed to holding regular meetings with Kevin Barclay (proposed to start in mid-to-late April) regarding plans for next season. It is proposed by the club that we put forward 5 to 6 members to attend the meeting to discuss SK1, the wider atmosphere and the plans for next season.

With the above in mind, the items on the agenda for our early 2015 meeting prior to the Hull game:

  • Election of representative board of supporters to attend meetings with LCFC
  • Project South Stand: an idea to take to the Club?
  • Ups and downs of SK1: a season review
  • New website to go live in late March
  • New sticker and flag designs
  • Group photo

Please confirm by return to this e-mail as soon as possible that you will be in attendance on 14 March. The meeting will be followed by a walk from the Swan and Rushes to the ground at around 2pm.

Following the game, the group will be attending the Leicester Beer Festival, organised by CAMRA, at Charotar Patidar Samaj on Bay Street. We would love to see you there!

Many thanks for your support,

Union FS

Youth Cup – a look ahead

27 Feb

Wednesday night. A fairly modest crowd of just under 2,000 were present to witness what was a fairly historic moment in the history of Leicester City Football Club. For only the second time in the Club’s existence, our Under 18s have reached the last four of what is presumably the ‘Greatest Youth Cup Competition on Earth’.

And what a breath of fresh air it was to take in…The heart, quality, pace, power, determination and swagger shown by every young Fox on the Filbert Way pitch. The celebrations full of youthful abandon as Harvey Barnes scored his fantastic solo effort, as Darnell Johnson nodded home an 88th minute winner and as the referee blew for full time. The time our lads took to thank their family, friends and fans for cheering them on to victory at the final whistle. It was great to see.

On the other hand there was the despair shown by Birmingham’s side as their hard graft and toil to stay in the game was undone when the desperately unlucky Jake Weaver, who up until then had had an excellent game in the Brummies’ goal, fumbled Johnson’s downward header into the net. On full time, one Birmingham player made his way to the away end, thinking that his world had ended. What a credit to our great Club that Keenan King and Matty Miles were in going to console the lad before deservedly celebrating with their team mates.

It was a million miles away from what we see in the professional game and that’s what made it such a special evening.

All that said, the one sole disappointment of the evening was the attendance. The Club’s gesture of making entry free for season ticket holders was a great one, and so it was a surprise that so few took up their offer. We hope that the home Semi-Final brings about the same offer from LCFC and an attendance ten-fold on Wednesday’s. Union FS will be there. We’ll work with the Club to get an area for us so SK1ers, L/Kers – get in touch and join us to help these guys get to the Final.

Make no mistake, this team is full of talent. Trevor Peake is doing an excellent job and we should be justifiably excited and proud about what the future holds for many of this team.

Hamza, Layton, Max, Brandon, Darnell, Matty, Cedric, Ben, Elliott, Harvey, Keenan. You are making us proud. Keep going – we’ll be with you every step of the way.